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UCC 2 Outline. SCOPE OF ARTICLE 2 Applies to Goods: , "Unless the context otherwise requires, this Article applies to transactions in goods." Common Exceptions: i. ii. iii. Legal claims, look to see if items are preempted. Sale of property. Leases (see 2A; (37)).5/5(4). This Subject Outline allows you to search for terms of art that correspond to topics you are studying to find related CALI Lessons. The Sales Index lists all CALI lessons covering Sales and Leases. Subject Outline. Introduction to Sales and Leases ITT v. LTX: An Interactive Exploration of UCC Article 2 (SAL01) Working with the Uniform. Outline Overview of Sales Fall University of North Dakota School of Law Prof. Eric E. Johnson I. FORMATION, APPLICABLE LAW, AND OTHER BASICS Topic 1: The Role and Scope of Codes in Sales Systems Key code sections: • (b)(3) o definition of agreement • o variation of UCC rules by agreement • (a)(b)(c) & (d).

Outline for commercial law (UCC) -- Sales, Commercial Paper, and Secured Transactions

Scope of Article 2. Courts must determine whether a transaction is governed by Article 2. What are goods? UCC k — goods means all things including specially manufactured goods which are movable ucc sales outline the time of identification to the contract for sale.

Goods that are not both existing and identified are future goods, ucc sales outline. Identification occurs:. The question is what are you buying? The law generally tries to look past the form of a transaction and focus on the functional reality. It must be on paper, so it is tangible, however the rights that the paper conveys is intangible. Negotiable Instruments negotiable documents — ex: checks, promissory notes. Colorado Radio Corp.

It looked at the contract as a whole, used the dominant ucc sales outline testand ruled that the dominant purpose was the sale of the intangible goods the license. The based their ruling on Epstein. The court looked at the contract in two pieces, one for the sale of goods and one for the sale of non-goods, ucc sales outline. However, the furniture and equipment sales are governed by Article 2. But in this case, there was no hybrid goods-service. No separation.

What is a transaction? Offer and Acceptance. Book Notes:. Tu: seller receives order of specially manufacture equip. Hill v. GatewayInc, ucc sales outline. Included in the box was an arbitration clause, which would govern any dispute if the customer did not return the computer within 30 days.

Hill kept the computer longer than 30 days, ucc sales outline. The question is not whether the terms were added, but when the contract was made.

All of the terms in the agreement in the box are mere proposals to add terms to the contract. But Judge Easterbrook rules that there was no contract formed ucc sales outline phone call. The contract was formed when Hill did not return the computer within 30 days. So the offer was made by Gateway, and the acceptance was made by Hill. Some indefinite terms should be allowed, and an indefinite term should not render a contract void.

Statute of Frauds. The Reasoning Behind the Statute of Frauds It does not even require that all express terms be in writing. All that is explicitly required for an effective writing is:, ucc sales outline.

Can be symbol, letterhead, printed name, ucc sales outline, etc. This can form a contract even though no one reviews the contract or ucc sales outline terms. Also, quantity also affects the price Costco ucc sales outline. Several writings can be used to satisfy the Statute of Frauds.

However, there is debate as to whether sufficient cross-reference is required between the separate writings. The defendant can still introduce evidence to show that, despite the writing, the parties never entered into a binding agreement. The seven requirements under this section are:. This only ucc sales outline a defendant from using the SOF defense.

A contract that is made over the phone should have a confirmation sent by at least one of the parties. Ames prepares a memorandum in confirmation. Is it reasonable? No mailbox rule. So, Ames is OK. There are many pitfalls. Thus, not many situations will qualify under this exception. Furthermore, the above rule seems to go against the spirit of the UCC in regards to the importance of quantity. Thus, a layperson could deny it and not realize that a contract was formed.

The corroborative evidence of the existence of a contract is that the seller has accepted the payment. Upon receipt, the buyer has a choice to either refuse the goods or accept them.

If the buyer accepts them, then this is corroborative evidence that a contract was made. Thus, the deposit constitutes payment and the SOF is eliminated. This is a major theme seen throughout the UCC Article 2. Non-Statutory Exceptions — Courts use the following two doctrines to overcome the SOF requirements and give relief to the plaintiff:, ucc sales outline. The Effects of Noncompliance. This is NOT the same as void. Unenforceability refers to the lack of a remedy.

Unenforceable contracts may become enforceable at a later time, ucc sales outline. It must be pleaded or it will ucc sales outline considered waived. Southwest Engineering Company v. Martin Tractor Company, ucc sales outline. This writing is only part of the negotiations and was only an offer. Therefore, the SOF applies, so no contract is enforceable. They are arguing for a very literal reading of UCC 1.

But Prof. Lawrence states that UCC should not be read that tightly and should be read liberally to allow more contracts to be enforced. Used a ucc sales outline reading of UCC There are only three requirements:. This is a separate question. If the plaintiff can satisfy the SOF, then can determine whether there was a contract or not. The SOF is narrow in its scope. Consolidated Pipe Co.

Plaintiff sent purchase orders as confirmation memorandum for the oral contracts, to the defendant. Terms Supplied by the Express Agreement.

Contract is not only an agreement, but a contract also creates legal rights in the parties. The Parol Evidence Rule. The evidence may or may not exclude certain types of evidence. It does not govern contract terms. The PER is a rule concerning admissibility of extrinsic evidence for the purpose of establishing an express term of the contract other than ucc sales outline listed in the contract.

The main difference is in the guidelines for construing intent. They may, ucc sales outline, however, attempt to supplement the writing by introducing evidence of consistent additional terms. If they intend that the writing be both final and complete, even evidence of consistent additional terms will be excluded.

Two steps:. Neither party could convince the court that what they actually intended was a partial integration. A transaction for units cannot be expected to be performed in the same manner as a transaction for 10 units. If such a construction is unreasonable, then the hierarchy, from most controlling to least:. Seller delivers the goods after 52 days. Buyer sues for breach.

Must have a sequence of performance between the parties under the existing contract. Probably two prior installments is the minimum. There must be enough of a sequence to create a legitimate expectation between the parties.

The jury must determine what the parties intended. The court ought to be willing to listen to any evidence that ucc sales outline parties offer to show what their intent was. Express terms and Trade Usage are actually both equally legitimate sources of contract terms.

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ucc sales outline


Lessons by Subject Outline - Contracts. This Subject Outline allows you to search for terms of art that correspond to topics you are studying to find related CALI Lessons. The Contracts Index lists all CALI lessons covering Contracts. Subject Outline (UCC ) Battle of the Forms (UCC ) (CON64). UCC Sales: Lawrence. UCC SALES OUTLINE. I. Scope of Article 2 · Article 2 applies to present transactions in goods and contracts to sell goods at a future time. Courts must determine whether a transaction is governed by Article 2. §(j), Good Faith: means honesty in fact and the observance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing. The topics discussed in the Sale and Lease of Goods outline are Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Article 2, sales contract (including offer and acceptance, parol evidence rule, statute of frauds, assignment and delegation, and revision of contract terms).Author: Susan Boland.